A fairy story gone bad

You’re alone in the bush. Your father’s gone surfing. And your mother wants to kill you. Named after darkness, Dim was born unlucky. Fated to live nine lives, one for every year it took to make her, she tries to turn her luck. This is her story. 

Is this book for you?

Readers described this book as a rollercoaster, dark, blazingly vivid and potentially unsafe. Code for: it’s not the easiest read. Are you ready to enter a surreal, incendiary world of nightmare, madness and dark humour?


Random House, Vintage – 1996

  • ISBN 0091832101 (paperback) – out of print

2nd edition eBook – 2014

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Not since E. Annie Proulx’s powerfully poetic Postcards and Susan Power’s gloriously entrancing The Grass Dancer can I recall being so in awe of a first-time writer.

A daring, imaginative first novel, written with considerable brio.

There is a rhythmic beauty to DIM, a terse, poetic, spell-binding style. One of the year’s must-reads.

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